The first step is deciding to step outside of your comfort zone.

As a Philadelphia based personal trainer, commitment to the craft is not only important when it comes to working with clients, but it’s also your commitment to seeing results that begins with changing the way you think, which will ultimately effect that way you feel, and the way you see and experience yourself. This change in attitude will help you form better habits, and bring on a new-found sense of clarity: You are in charge of your greatest accomplishments and the determining factor in obtaining the quality of life, health, and fitness that you deserve. You’ve got this!

Self Made

One-on-One Training

The ultimate training experience that not only focuses on building a strong exterior but transforming the mind as well. Each session will be developed based upon your specific goals, no session will be the same so be prepared for a challenge!

Control Freak

Customized Online Personal Training Programs

Virtual training is perfect for the individual with commitment issues. If you’ve already made up your mind that it’s time to achieve your goals but you can’t commit to a specific day or time then this the type of training is best suited for you. Online programs are tailored to your desires and are 100% customizable.


12 Week Training Program

A three phase step-by-step approach to getting back on a no-fail plan! Perfect for someone who has fallen off the wagon (and wants to get back on) yet still knows the fundamentals of training. This program focuses on building lean muscle mass while keeping a very feminine physique. Complete with private training videos and meal plans.

Fit Feasts

Nourishing Meal Plans

Not just a meal plan, but also a learning tool that will help to transform the way you think about food. One month and three month plans that set you up for a success and teach you the keys to fueling your body properly. Each plan will include dietary analysis and breakdown of your previous diet regimen along with a new custom meal plan that will help to maximize your desired objectives.

Jump Start

30-Day Get-Right Plan

You may find yourself overwhelmed by how long you think it will take to achieve your goals, but taking the first step is your key to success! This 30 day Jump Start program includes nutrition recommendations, and a hassle free approach to getting your butt off of the couch and will begin to help you implement an active, fit and healthy lifestyle.

Couples’ Therapy

Fitness For Two

Couples that train together stay together. It’s no secret that relationships aren’t perfect, so being able to “work it out” with your partner in a stress free environment may be exactly what you need. Programs are designed for two and are based on each individuals strengths and weaknesses. Get a great workout in while motivating your better half!

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