Personal Training

The first step is deciding to step outside of your comfort zone.

As a Philadelphia based personal trainer, commitment to the craft is not only important when it comes to working with clients, but it’s also your commitment to seeing results that begins with changing the way you think, which will ultimately effect that way you feel, and the way you see and experience yourself. This change in attitude will help you form better habits, and bring on a new-found sense of clarity: You are in charge of your greatest accomplishments and the determining factor in obtaining the quality of life, health, and fitness that you deserve. You’ve got this!


The ultimate training experience that not only focuses on building a strong exterior but transforming the mind as well. Each session will be developed based upon your specific goals, no session will be the same so be prepared for a challenge!

The Philly Girls’ Guide to Fitness is perfect for the individual with commitment issues. If you’ve already made up your mind that it’s time to achieve your goals but you can’t commit to a specific day or time, need accountability and dose of “real talk” when it comes to following through, then this the type of training is best suited for you. In this online training program, we’ll focus primarily on bodyweight high-intensity interval-based exercises that can be done at some of Philadelphia’s well-known places and landmarks in the city of brotherly love – and we’ll work on those commitment issues.

Nutrition Coaching is not just a meal plan, but a learning tool that will help to transform the way you think and feel about food. We’ll dissect everything from past eating behaviors, negative connotations with food, and de-bunk all of the trendy diets and why they won’t work for you. One-on-one nutrition coaching will set you up for success and teach you the key fundamentals to not only fueling you body properly but also building a healthy relationship with food in order to reach your desired objectives.

Join all the cool kids and be among the first to know about exclusive events, fitness inspiration and whether or not Chick-fil-A or Popeyes is the real winner (from a nutrition standpoint). xoxo

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