Self Care Isn’t Selfish: My Day at Heyday

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What day is it? Heyday!

While #selfcare is trending, I have to admit, it’s always been something that I’ve considered mandatory in my personal health and wellness routine. I’m a very busy gal, and if I don’t get the time I need to reset and take care of myself, then who can I really take care of?

For me, going to the gym, eating healthy wholesome foods, enjoying “me days” that consists of a manicure, pedicure, massage, and blowouts are simply part of my non-negotiable self-care regimen.

I’ve heard people rave about facials and the overall experience for years; how they make your skin glow, your pores shrink, your confidence goes through the roof, and how you have a better understanding and new appreciation for one of our bodies largest organs – our skin.

I teamed up with Heyday for my first official facial experience with an expert skin therapist, talk all things facials, and ask a few questions about the business of making skincare more accessible, affordable, customizable and fun!

Nowadays we consider going to the gym as a part of our normal routine, why do you believe it’s so important to have this same mentality when it comes to skincare?

HD: Regular facials allow people to not only take care of their specific skincare needs but it empowers them to be more educated when purchasing products for at home as well. The skin is our largest organ and protects us from outside elements and we put it through a lot! If we can accept that it helps us feel dewier and pretty while understanding it helps our skin be healthier then I believe people would want to make it more of a routine in their lifestyle.

For the girl on the go, what must have products should be in their gym bag?

HD: A hydrating toner mist. Use the Naturopathica honey and lavender toner after working out for its hydrating and anti-bacterial properties to keep skin balanced.


Is it frowned upon to not wash your face immediately after a workout (asking for a friend)?

HD: Not really, every workout is different and every skin type is different. If you are more prone to breakouts I would probably recommend cleansing right after but some people can just wait until they are back home. It depends on your skin to understand what’s appropriate.

Heyday was founded by two Wharton grads, what was the inspiration behind their business?

HD: Consumers have clear needs and unending questions in skincare. Estheticians have the knowledge and the passion to meet those needs through touch and advice. We looked around and didn’t see any brand that was making that connection accessible or affordable. In the existing spa world, facials have been typically tucked away in luxury spas and can be pricey, exclusive, or unnecessarily ceremonial. In that space, they’re viewed as an every-now-and-then indulgence, whereas consistent treatments are what really get results. Thus, Heyday was born. We took the facial out of the spa. We believe the ultimate in skincare combines professional, customized facials with personalized product advice for your daily routine, all from expert Skin Therapists who truly understand skin.

Why did Heyday decide on Philly as their third state to open up in?

HD: “We saw a huge demand for Heyday’s accessible and routine facials outside of Los Angeles and New York’s metro area and naturally, we were drawn to our neighbors in Philadelphia. We are excited to join the fabric of this thriving health and wellness community and look forward to executing on our high-quality in-shop experience and unparalleled service standards that change the lives of our clients with both short- and long-term benefits,” said Adam Ross, Co-founder, and CEO of Heyday.


What is a fun fact everyone should know about Heyday?

HD: Our team of expert Skin Therapists has now grown to over 300 nationally!

Where did the name originate from?

HD: We wanted our name to reflect the emotion behind our work at its most positive – not just simply what we do. We help people feel great in the short-term and take care of themselves for the long-term. The word ‘heyday’ means the period of your greatest strength, vigor, or success — your prime. We believe that when you feel great in your own skin, every day can be your heyday. We exist to help people achieve heyday – to show up in the world as their best selves, every day.

And there you have it, folks. Time well spent, brings a week of content.

Thank you, Heyday for the glowy skin that only babies seem to be able to obtain on a consistent basis, my newest self-care obsession, and all the fun facts!



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