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After snagging Philadelphia Magazine’s Best Of Philly Fitness Instagram award, all eyes are on Jayel Lewis, the Philly based Personal Trainer and blogger behind EveryBody Has A Story.

In addition to having the best Instagram, she also has a great fitness philosophy: “In order for the exterior to change you have to work on the interior first!”. We agree.

We caught up with Jayel to discuss her fitness routines, favorite workout spot and a few tips she gives to all of her clients.

Want to know how Jayel ended up in the fitness industry? Here’s what she had to say: I’ve always been involved in the health and fitness community whether it be through sports or other forms of physical activity. In college I studied exercise science and nutrition not having any idea of the direction that I wanted to take it. Upon graduation it was quite evident that I wanted to help others lead a healthier lifestyle and my way of doing that was through personal training.

When asked about her day-to-day routine, Jayel noted that no two days are alike but some things are pretty consistent:
5:00AM – Oatmeal (always)
5:30AM – 10:00AM – Morning sessions with clients
10:00AM – A second breakfast followed by her own workout

If you’re wondering which fitness studio she considers to be one of Philly’s hidden gems, she dropped the goods: Body Cycle Studio; they have an array of class times, awesome music, and humble instructors, it’s hard not to feel like family when you’re there!

The City Has It’s Perks: Living in the city is such a bonus, I have access to everything; spin, pilates, yoga, beer gardens…you name it. There’s always a healthy and a not so healthy option for me to indulge in when I’m in the mood.

As for her clients, here’s what she had to say about trying a new training program: Don’t obsess over it. Make it a part of your lifestyle but don’t allow it to consume your entire life. It should be exciting and fun (most of the time).

And when it comes to common mistakes she notices among new clients, here’s what she had to say. (P.S. Take notes so you don’t do the same): Sometimes new clients – or those new to working out – put a deadline on how they want/expect to look, when the truth of the matter is everyBODY is different so you can’t expect to look a certain way in an unreasonable amount of time. Appreciate your body for everything it’s already doing, and what it’s about to endure, learn to embrace the journey.


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