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If Rocky could “get it right, get it tight” in Philadelphia, then you can, too!  I headed out to the Philadelphia Art Museum with personal trainer Jayel Lewis, who owns JL Fitness.  She says there are many ways people can use Philadelphia’s rich architecture for a great workout.

JL Fitness is an international company, which started in Germany.  Jayel recently brought her personal training program to the States.  She says it’s important to work one-on-one with clients so she caters to everyone’s specific needs.

We did a full circuit workout around the Philadelphia Art Museum.  We started with getting in plank position and working our cores.  Then we ran up the art museum steps and did a series of lunges and squats.  We continued with some ab work and then finished with my hardest challenge: burbees.  Once we finished I could really feel a great burn in my body.

You can get in shape with JL Fitness at the 12th Street Gym starting in July.


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