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Earned not given. When the first bead of sweat hits the floor it lets me know that I’ve earned it; tight lungs, beating heart and intensity. It means while others surround me, my focus is solely on pushing myself past limits I’ve set, and the ability to surpass them. It means that I’m capable, and able to turn my music up a little louder, complete one more rep, run one more mile, and handle any challenge that may come my way.

NB Fitness Ambassador Jayel Lewis loves a good challenge. Currently training internationally, Jayel is based in Philadelphia, PA where she owns a women’s only personal training and events company called JL Fitness, and is also the creator of Inspirationally Fit. “Making a commitment to myself is something I don’t take lightly,” says Jayel. She made a promise to herself to sweat once a day. Why? Because “it’s more than just moving my body physically; it’s about nourishing my soul from the inside out. For me, the ability to push myself beyond my physical limitations allows me to see that I cannot only challenge myself during my workout, but during the rest of my day.”

Sweat it out. What does breaking a good sweat mean to you?

“Although sweat is a noun, I prefer to view it as a verb. The moment I begin to sweat I know that for the next 20, 30 or 60 minutes I’m giving back…I’m giving back to myself in a way that brings me heart pounding clarity, physical exertion and a sense of accomplishment.”

“Working up a sweat doesn’t meant that I have to be an elite athlete. It means that I’m moving my body, challenging myself and allowing myself to become one with my workouts.”


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