Philadelphia Magazine is on Board with JL Fitness’s Newest Challenge “Let’s change the conversation from how do you want to look, to how do you want to feel?”

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If you’ve been to Be Well Philly Boot Camp in the past two years, you’ve likely gotten your sweat on with the lovely (and butt-kicking) Philly fitness trainer Jayel Lewis. (Remember that Beyoncé Boot Camp? What a day.) And if you left thinking, Man, I wish I could soak up more of her workout inspiration, good news: Lewis is putting on a 14-day fitness challenge for women, starting Monday, September 18th — and it’s totally free. Yes, please.

And this isn’t your average “Please don’t go, summer body — PLEASE” fall fitness challenge. As Lewis says, one of her goals with putting her Meaning Behind Movement challenge on is to change the way women approach fitness. As she says, she aims to change the conversation when it comes to working out from “How do you want to look?” to “How do you want to feel?” We can dig it. (Endorphins are no joke, people.)

Joining in on the two-week challenge gets you recommended 30-minute no-equipment workouts that you can do anywhere (no excuses!), workout playlists designed by Lewis, access to a private Facebook group (#accountability), and a steady stream of inspiration to keep you going for all 14 days. There will also be an in-person closing shindig for those in Philly (though space will be limited). And — maybe most importantly — you get a not-so-intimidating arena to jump on the fitness wagon. “Really, I just think it gives women another resource to become part of a fitness community without feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed with where to start,” Lewis says.

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